Choose the perfect groomer for your pets

Having a pet at home just creates a lite and happy mood within the family. There is nothing like a cute little pup running around and wanting to grab your attention. If you want to maintain the joy and happiness that your pet brings to your home. You have to make sure that you take care of them the right way, so they live a longer and happy life. But the reality is when it comes to pets, is that people don’t have a lot of time to invest in taking care of their pets.

Luckily, there are a lot of people who transformed their passion for pets into a business so they can help the people who lack the time and effort in taking care of their own. Different groomers have their own unique style of taking care of pets. Try to ask around about their styles and see which one seems to fit your pet the best.

Word of mouth is the best way a groomer gets their advertising, as well as how the dog looks like when he steps out of the groomer. It is important to ask your friends about their own experience with a particular groomer. Ask about the prices they have to offer, how do they handle the animals, and how skillful they are at their job. When looking for a groomer, make sure that the animal’s safety should be your number priority and ensure that no harm will come their way.

If you have a professional NYC pet groomer in mind, but you want to make sure he is the right one. Then there is no harm getting assurance from the man himself about his credibility. He might even admire how serious you are in protecting your pet that he will give you more than you expect when it comes to service. During this conversation, make sure that you ask the right questions that will lead you to a decision. Credentials are something that you must always request for, to ensure that his practice is legit.

There are a lot of false practices, meaning people would like to look like they are a professional groomer so they can get income. It will be a scary thought to be fooled by these kinds of scams because you will have no idea what they can do to your pet. That is why you should go through a screening process to filter out the licensed groomers from the fake ones.

At the end of the day, you will make the final decision on where you should bring your pet. You should trust your own judgement of people and most importantly trust the person that will groom your pet. Usually, people who get certificates to be able to grooms are educated on the proper values and ethics that are part of their business. They are also aware of the penalties that will be dealt to them if they even practice minimal things that lead to animal cruelty.

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Groom Your Pet At Home With Ease

You don’t need a professional groomer for you to achieve the look and cleanliness you want for your pets. Yes, a professional can do the job to perfection and give you exactly what you want for your pet. But the truth is all the things they can do for your pet, you can do just as well and maybe even better with practice.

Grooming your pet is a responsibility that every pet owner should live up to until the day of their last breath. Personally doing the job yourself can help strengthen your bond of man and animal. They will feel the love you have for them and wanting them to be clean and comfortable as much as possible. In return, you will feel that they will be more loyal and cuddly to you as time progresses.


You should invest in a pet grooming kit that will make your bath days easier. There are bags with multiple compartments that is perfect for grooming. With this bag, you can put in all your grooming essentials in an organized manner, and it will be easy to take out and put back things in its place. Here is a list of grooming tells you should have:

  • Comb
  • Brush
  • Shampoo and conditioner for pets
  • Toothbrush And Toothpaste
  • Nail Clipper
  • Anti-Lice Solution

When you brush the fur of your pet not only are you making it silky smooth and pleasant looking, but you are also removing the dirt in between the fur, removing dead fur, loosening and preventing tangles to occur. When you do this, it is important that you be as gentle as possible. They have more delicate skin than ours, so try to be aware of the amount of strength you are putting during the brushing movements. Make sure that you have the correct brush type that is suitable for your pet’s fur.

Before giving your pet a bath, preparation is key to make sure that everything goes smoothly. Make sure to take out all the tools and products you need, bring some treats, and fill up the basin up with water. It will be easier if you have a spray nozzle for fast and effective shower sessions. Make sure that you are in control but gentle at the same time during this situation. Try to shampoo every inch of fur possible to ensure high-quality cleanliness. Avoid putting shampoo in their nose, eyes, and inside their ears. Proper rinsing is important in getting out all the unwanted dirt that may be stuck in the fur.

Nail cutting is one of the most difficult parts of grooming you will have to face. It will take a lot of patience, timing, and skill to get it right in one go. One good tip is to try to get your pet to relax and make sure they are in a good mood. Make sure that you know the limits of what you are cutting, because if you got further than the nail, chances are you will an area which has nerves and blood vessels. If your pet experiences pain during a nail cutting session, you probably won’t be able to do it again yourself.

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Keep Your Pets Smelling Good And Looking Good With Proper Grooming

Grooming is one of the most important things you must do for your pets. This helps in maintaining the hygiene of your pets making sure every part of their body is clean and safe from any bugs or parasites. This also gives them a healthy and fluffy look that gives them an extra cuteness factor. Proper grooming makes sure that they are physically healthy and safe from any sickness.


Grooming your pets can be hard to handle, especially if you start them at an old age. The groomers will have difficulty trying to control your pets to stay put, pets will have a hard time adjusting to strangers grooming them, and sometimes they can act violently towards them. That is why you should start them at a young age and get them used to be groomed every month.

It is more crucial for pets with long hair to get consistent grooming compared to short haired pets. If you do not groom your pets, eventually their hair will start to curl up into a ball which is hard to remove on your own. Also, insects and parasites like Lice thrive more in longer hair because it is more difficult to spot them and to remove them as well. That is why you must take extra precaution when dealing with long haired pets.

It is recommended by breeders that you expose your pets to grooming as early as 3 weeks. When they are this young they can already adapt and remember the activities that they are doing. Let them learn how to experience grooming so you won’t have a hard time dealing with them as they grow older.

Grooming is not only a process for cleaning and making your pet look good. You can use this treatment as a doctor’s appointment as well but for pets. They will be able to find out if any parasites lurking around the fur. They can check the ears of the pets which is one of the most the most vulnerable parts of a pet. It is nice to try and catch issues early on so you can treat it right away.

If you want to save money and not spend on sending your pet to a grooming salon, then invest the money in buying the right tools and products so you can do the grooming yourself in your home. There are a lot of videos that you can watch on youtube that shows tips and step by step guides on how to properly groom your pet. Just make sure that they get the right amount of grooming in a year.

Grooming will extend the life expectancy of your pet and help in giving them a happy and healthy life. Proper grooming will give you less stress and fewer things to worry about with your pet. Just make sure that you give what your dog or cat deserves or needs and you will be able to enjoy more of their company and not think of it as a hassle.

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